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I can’t be happier about the result. The whole process of application is under the PrepEdu team’s support. They helped us to make the school list, prepared my daughter for the interviews, and translated for both my family and the schools very well. They are the best team ever!

Joyce's Mom

I am so excited to receive the good news from one of my child’s dream schools! It's absolutely a miracle for him to stand out from so many strong applicants. PrepEdu team provides the best education consulting service. I am glad that I chose them.

Howard's Mom

The best way to wake up is receiving the offer letter! I just want to say Thank You to the PrepEdu team. With your help, my daughter made a huge progress on both her academics and her school life. It turns out that she was very successful in her interviews.

Coco's Mom

The effort paid off! With the help from the PrepEdu team, my son was better prepared. They provided my son a lot of support during the application process including choosing schools, preparing for interviews, and brain storming for student's essays. Thank you!

Danny's Dad

My child got admitted to his dream school! While many other students were aiming so many schools, my son only applied for one school. We trust PrepEdu 100%. They never disappointed us.

Charles' Mom

Thanks so much, Dr. Jing. My son is admitted to the best junior boarding school all thanks to how much effort you have put into this process. We are very grateful to you and your team!

Alexander's Mom

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